Contract No._________
of ________________ ____
SERVICE offers online access to databases mounted on its host computer (these databases are listed in Appendix 1 ). SERVICE will also offer assistance as it may think fit.
2.1. After this Contract is signed SERVICE will provide USER with User ID, password and necessary reference materials (including User Manual) to enable USER"s access to the databases he has subscribed to. If it is necessary Customer can obtain additional passwords.
2.2. When accessing SERVICE via communication facilities, it shall be USER"s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for such access and to ensure that all legal and technical requirements are met (propriate telecommunication services are listed in User Manual). SERVICE will however make any effort to assist USER in case of difficulty.
2.3. SERVICE databases are available _____ hours a day except for time period ____________________________________________________. The services will be rendered on the day before each above mentioned holiday until _____________________.
2.4. SERVICE reserves the right to change the statements of this Contract (including prices) and will inform USER about these changes (by post, fax, telex or e-mail) ____________ days before they go into effect.
3.1. USER will pay SERVICE for services according to the price list ( Appendix 2 ).
3.2. Invoices are issued quarterly. USER must remit payment in US dollars within 20 days after the date of each invoice.
3.3. Should USER fail to observe the terms of payment stipulated in the Contract, USER will be charged a penalty of _____% for each day for the first _______ days, thereafter at the rate of ______% for each additional day. The penalty charge will not exceed ______% of the amount owed.
4.1. USER should not:
report and transfer his passwords to any third party; distribute information obtained from SERVICE databases;
publish information obtained from SERVICE databases without referring to SERVICE;
violate additional restrictions on use of the obtained information, copyrighted by database producers. These restrictions (if any exist) are to be specified in Database Owners"s Conditions which then will be an integral part of the Contract.
4.2. SERVICE should not transfer to the third parties any information about USER"s access to databases (choice of databases, requests, obtained information) which can be stored in SERVICE host computer.
4.3. SERVICE will not be liable for USER for any delay, interruption, damage, or loss profits due to:
defects in, or the operation or failure to operate of, any electronical or mechanical equipment;
transmission or interconnect problems;
strikes, wallkouts, storms, fires, thefts, acts of any governmental authority in any country, riots or civil disturbances; acts of war or hostilities of any nature;
other causes beyond SERVICE direct control.
4.4. SERVICE does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the results of search orders and is not liable for the using of the information recieved from the databases.
4.5. USER agrees that the liability of SERVICE in the event of omission or inaccuracy in SERVICE databases shall be limited to those charges levied for connect time in dispute provided also that any claim for such damages shall be made in writing within 60 days of the alleged omission.
5.1. SERVICE and USER will discuss any disputes, discrepancies, or claims which may arise from or relate to this Contract.
5.2. In case SERVICE and USER fail to reach agreement on this controversies by discussion, the issues in question should be submitted to a court of arbitration (in the country of the claimant) designed to settle foreign trade disputes. The decisions of the court of arbitration are to be considered final and binding upon both SERVICE and USER.
This Contract shall remain in force until terminated dy either party as follows:
by USER, on ____ days prior written notice;
by SERVICE, on _____ days prior written notice; provided that SERVICE may terminate this Contract effective immediately if USER fails to pay in full any invoice for charges hereunder within _____ days of the date of such invoice and/or violates other statements of the Contract.
7.1. This contract will become effective after it is signed by SERVICE and USER.
7.2. All supplements and amendments to this Contract will not be effective unless they are done in writing and signed by authorized representatives of SERVICE and USER.
7.3. All previous correspondence and talks related to the subject matter of this Contract between SERVICE and USER will become null and void after the contract is signed.
7.4. Russian law applies to the conditions of this Contract.

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