к Конвенции Совета Европы
от 21.05.1980 No. 106
1.1 Model inter-state agreement
for the promotion of transfrontier co-operation
Introductory note: This is a model inter-state agreement containing general basic provisions which could be concluded either on its own or in conjunction with one or more of the model inter-state agreements appearing below.
The governments of............................................
and ..........................................................
aware of the advantages of transfrontier co-operation as defined in the European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Co-operation between Territorial Communities or Authorities, have agreed as follows:
Article 1
The Parties shall undertake to seek and promote means for transfrontier co-operation at regional and local level.
By transfrontier co-operation they understand all concerted administrative, technical, economic, social or cultural measures to consolidate and enhance neighbourly co-operation between the areas situated on either side of the frontier, and the conclusion of appropriate agreements for the purpose of resolving such problems as may arise in this field.
These measures should seek, inter alia, to improve the conditions for regional and urban development, the protection of natural resources, mutual aid in case of a disaster or calamity and the improvement of public services.
Article 2
The Parties shall endeavour, through mutual consultation, to secure to the regional authorities within their jurisdiction the resources needed to permit them to establish co-operation.
Article 3
They also undertake to encourage local authority action aimed at establishing and developing transfrontier co-operation.
Article 4
Local and regional authorities engaging in transfrontier co-operation in accordance with this agreement shall be entitled to the same facilities and protection as if they were co-operating at national level.
The competent authorities of each Party shall see to it that budget provision is made for the appropriations needed to cover the running expenditure of the bodies responsible for promoting the transfrontier co-operation covered by this agreement.
Article 5
Each Party shall instruct such body, commission or institution as it shall designate to study current national legislation and regulations with a view to suggesting changes in any provisions liable to hinder the development of local transfrontier co-operation. Such bodies shall give particular consideration to improving fiscal and customs regulations, foreign exchange and capital transfer rules and procedures governing intervention by higher authorities, particularly as regards supervision or control.
Before taking the steps referred to in the above sub-paragraph, the Parties shall consult with each other as necessary and exchange any relevant information.
Article 6
The Parties shall endeavour, by arbitration or other means, to resolve matters in dispute of local importance whose prior settlement would be necessary for the success of transfrontier co-operation projects.

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