к Конвенции Совета Европы
от 21.05.1980 No. 106
1.3 Model inter-state agreement
on local transfrontier consultation
Introductory note: This agreement may be concluded either individually or in conjunction with one or more of the model inter-state agreements (Texts 1.1 to 1.5) <8>.
<8> Additional model and outline agreements have been authorized for publication; they are appended to this Convention and numbered 1.6 to 1.13 and 2.7 to 2.15.
Article 1
With a view to ensuring a fuller exchange of information and developing consultation between local authorities on either side of frontiers, the Parties call on such authorities to make a joint study of problems of common interest through consultation committees.
Article 2
The rules of procedure of such committees shall be agreed by their members. Higher authorities shall be associated with their proceedings or kept informed of them.
The consultation committees shall be associated with the work of regional transfrontier consultation commissions on terms to be decided by the latter, should such commissions have been set up in the regions in question. Similarly, these commissions shall give their assistance to the work of the consultation committees.
They may also act as advisory bodies in connection with the implementation of special inter-state agreements concluded in the context of transfrontier co-operation.
Article 3
The function of the consultation committees shall be to organise exchanges of information and consultations on both sides as well as to study matters of common interest and determine common aims.
Their activities shall be governed by respect for the responsibilities of their members and no transfer of powers shall be involved.
The members of these committees may, however, within the framework of co-operation agreements, decide together what measures or restrictions are to guide their respective activities or what preliminary consultation procedures they wish to see followed.
Article 4 (alternative)
To assist these consultation committees in their work, the local authorities concerned may, within the limits of the powers conferred on them under domestic law, form associations to provide a legal framework for their co-operation.
Such associations shall be set up under the civil law or commercial law applicable to associations in one of the States concerned. For the application of the legal system chosen, should the occasion arise, the conditions, formalities and particular authorisations concerning the nationality of members of the associations should be disregarded.
The information provided to the higher authorities, conforming to Article 2, will include all information on the activities of the associations mentioned in the present article.

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