к Конвенции Совета Европы
от 21.05.1980 No. 106
1.5 Model inter-state agreement
on organs of transfrontier co-operation
between local authorities
Introductory note: This agreement may be concluded either individually or in conjunction with one or more of the model inter-state agreements (Texts 1.1 to 1.5) <11>.
<11> Additional model and outline agreements have been authorized for publication; they are appended to this Convention and numbered 1.6 to 1.13 and 2.7 to 2.15.
Article 1
For the purposes which they are permitted under domestic law to pursue through an association or consortium, local authorities and other public law bodies may take part in associations or consortia of local authorities formed in the territory of another Party in accordance with the latter"s domestic law.
Article 2
Within the limits of their members" powers, the associations or consortia referred to in Article 1 shall be entitled to pursue their activities arising out of their statutory purpose in the territory of each of the Parties concerned. In so doing, they shall be subject to the rules laid down by that State, unless exceptions are allowed by that State.
Article 3
1 The instrument of establishment of the association or consortium, the articles of association and any alterations thereto shall be subject to approval by the higher authorities of all the local authorities participating. The same shall apply to admission to an already existing association or consortium.
2 The population concerned shall be notified of such instruments and the approval thereof, in accordance with each country"s normal publicity arrangements. The same shall apply to any change in official headquarters and to any decisions regarding the persons authorised to act on behalf of the association or consortium and the limits of their powers.
3 The above instruments shall be drawn up in the official languages in use in each of the States where they are to have effect. Each such version of the text shall be authentic.
Article 4
1 The articles of association shall specify rules governing the association"s or consortium"s relations in law. They shall include the subjects required by the relevant legislation, in accordance with Article 1. In every case, they shall designate its members, its name and its headquarters. They shall determine the purpose of the association or consortium and, where appropriate, the functions of its installations and the location thereof. They shall determine the manner of appointment of the managerial and administrative bodies, the extent of the members" obligations and their contribution to joint expenditure. The management bodies shall include at least one representative of the member local authorities of each country. The articles of association shall determine the composition and the mode of deliberation of the General Assembly, the form of minutes of sittings, the mode of dissolution or liquidation and the rules governing budgets and accounts.
2 The articles shall also include a provision whereby members may withdraw from the association on giving a period of notice which will be fixed by the articles, after settlement of any debts to the association and on payment to the association of compensation, as assessed by experts, in respect of investment effected or expenditure incurred by the association for or on behalf of the members concerned. They shall also specify rules governing members" dismissal or exclusion for failure to honour their undertakings.
Article 5
The Parties undertake to give the authorisation necessary to the accomplishment within their territory by the association or consortium of its task, subject to the requirements of public policy and public safety.
Article 6
Where, pursuant to domestic law, the association or consortium may not, on the territory of a State, exercise certain powers, rights or advantages necessary to the accomplishment of its task for the benefit of that State"s member local authorities, the latter shall have the right and the duty to act for and on behalf of the association or consortium for the purpose of exercising or securing these powers, rights or advantages.
Article 7
1 Powers of supervision or control over the association or consortium shall be exercised, in accordance with domestic law, by the responsible authorities of the State in which its headquarters are located. Such authorities shall also ensure that the interests of local authorities of other States are safeguarded.
2 The responsible authorities of the other States shall have a right to information on the activities and decisions of the association or consortium and on action taken in the exercise of supervision or control. They shall, in particular, be supplied on request with the adopted texts and minutes of meetings of the bodies of the association or consortium, the annual accounts and the draft budget, if any, insofar as domestic law requires that these be communicated to the authorities responsible for supervision or control. They may communicate directly with the bodies of the association or consortium and with the supervisory or controlling authorities, submit observations to them or ask to be directly consulted in specific instances and on specific matters.
3 The responsible authorities of the other States shall also have the right to notify the association or consortium that they object to those authorities falling under their jurisdiction continuing to take part in the association or consortium. Such notification, duly justified, shall be deemed to be grounds for exclusion and shall be specified as such in the association"s articles. The authorities referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article shall also be entitled to be represented by a delegate to the management bodies of the association or consortium; such delegate shall be entitled to attend all the bodies" meetings and to receive their agendas and minutes.
Article 8
The supplies or services with which the association or consortium is to be entrusted, in accordance with its articles, in the territory of its members shall be provided on its responsibility, thereby completely releasing its members from their obligations in respect thereof. The association or consortium shall also be responsible vis-a-vis users and third parties. The latter shall, however, retain, with regard to the local authorities for and on whose behalf the supplies or services are provided, all such rights of action and legal remedy as they would enjoy if the authorities themselves had retained the obligation to provide them with the supplies and services concerned. The authorities against whom such action or recourse is directed may themselves take action against the association.
Article 9
1 Failing conciliation, disputes between the association and its members, or between several members, regarding its operation shall be referred to the administrative and judicial authorities of the State in which the headquarters of the association or consortium are located.
2 All disputes other than those referred to in paragraph 1 may be referred to the administrative and judicial authorities according to the ordinary rules applying in the territory of the State parties, unless those interested decide to refer such disputes to a tribunal which they may designate.
3 The State parties will take the necessary measures in order to ensure the execution on their territory of decisions and judgments, relating to the above provisions.
Article 10
The associations or consortia created according to this agreement shall remain in effect after the denunciation of this agreement, though without prejucide to the provisions of Article 7, paragraph 3.

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