к Конвенции Совета Европы
от 21.05.1980 No. 106
1.10 Model agreement
on the creation and management of transfrontier
rural parks
The Governments of..................................... and/or
the regional authorities of............................ and/or
the local authorities of......................................
- aware of the need to co-operate in protecting the environment and developing the areas of particular scenic beauty and natural value which are necessary to the quality of life;
- acknowledging the need of the local population to continue and develop economic and socio-cultural activities which do not damage the above mentioned values;
- wishing to establish and extend facilities for natural education and outdoor recreation for the public and the population of these areas;
have agreed as follows:
Article 1
1 The Parties agree that this area shall be designated
2 The park shall comprise:
. on the ..... side, the area situated .....
. on the ..... side, the area situated .....
[. on the ..... side, the area situated .....]
3 The precise boundaries of the nature park are shown on a map which is attached to this agreement and is an integral part thereof.
Article 2
1 The Parties undertake, each in accordance with its own laws:
- to maintain and improve the natural landscape and its specific character;
- to protect and enrich its natural heritage (fauna, flora, habitats);
- to protect and enhance the cultural heritage (whether architectural, archaeological, rural or historical);
- to help educate people towards a better appreciation and wider knowledge of other area"s natural and cultural heritage;
- to take the necessary steps to preserve the factors likely to influence the above-mentioned ecological and physical assets of the transfrontier park and the environment;
- to promote and guide economic and socio-cultural activities through integrated development capable of contributing to the well-being of the population in the area concerned, conservation of the qualities of its natural and cultural heritage and enhancement of its recreational value.
2 To this end, the Parties undertake to harmonise their methods of management and to co-ordinate all development projects or improvements by means of a comprehensive action programme leading ultimately to joint management of the park based on a joint management plan. The Parties will promote the exchange of information and experience.
Article 3
1 A Joint Committee of ... members shall be set up, comprising:
- ..... members from the ..... side
- ..... members from the ..... side
[- ..... members from the ..... side]
2 The Joint Committee may set up <29> a local Committee, whose membership shall include representatives of the States and the territorial authorities concerned, to take charge of implementing the present agreement.
<29> The need for local committee to be set up will depend on the composition of the Joint Committee and the status of the Signatories to this model agreement.
A least once a year the local committee shall submit a progress report to the Joint Committee together with any proposals relevant to management and development of the park.
3 The Joint Committee may set up any other committee or working party.
4 The Joint Committee"s terms of reference shall be:
- to ensure transfrontier co-operation through co-ordinated implementation of the objectives listed in Article 2 of this Agreement;
- to deal with all other matters relating to management of the park.
5 The Joint Committee shall hold ..... meetings each year. It may call in experts at these meetings.
- It adopts its own rules of procedure.
- The Chairmanship of the Joint Committee shall be held alternately by a member of each national delegation; the length of the chairman"s term of office will be laid down in the rules of procedure.
Article 4
Each party shall defray the expenditure of its own delegation to the Joint Committee.
Article 5
This agreement is concluded for a period of ..... years as from its entry into force. It shall then be automatically renewed, for a further period of ..... years, unless denounced by one of the Parties one year prior to expiry <30>.
<30> Protocols may be added, notably on the lines of the models appended to the European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Co-operation between Territorial Communities or Authorities.
Article 6
Each Party shall notify the other of the completion of the procedures required under its national law <31> for the implementation of the present agreement, which shall take effect from the date of the later notification <32>.
<31> The agreement shall specify, providing details, where appropriate:
a the procedures required by the national law of Parties to the agreement which may apply to the following questions:
- name and address of the Commission;
- precise definition of the powers assigned to the Commission;
- regulations governing decision-making methods;
- reference to the public nature of deliberations;
- definition of the relevant rules with regard to budget and estimates;
- definition of the methods of funding projects;
- definition of the methods of amending the rules (ie the terms of the agreement);
- definition of the methods of admission to and withdrawal from membership;
- etc.
b specifications required by Community directives and regulations for access to the structural Funds.
<32> For all other arrangements, the Parties may refer to the general clauses for Model Inter-State Agreements appended to the European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Co-operation between Territorial Communities or Authorities.
Done at ....., this ..... day of ....., in ..... copies, in the ..... and ..... languages, each text being equally authentic.

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